Quality Control

Quality Assurance Services

Since this presentation is focused on the Quality Assurance services performed by TexCraft on behalf of our buyers, therefore from here on I would be explaining our quality assurance activities and set-up in detail.

The Philosophy

TexCraft has a philosophy to act as a local internal team for our buyers. Therefore before any auditor is sent out to the production factories they are thoroughly advised to have a clear understanding that they are not allowed giving any relaxation or compromise on any customer requirements at any point. As a quality assurance team, our job is to report and not to make any decisions or compensations.  This progative rests only with the buyer.

General Activities

Let me give you more precise information on the different activities performed under separate heads.

Periodic In-line audits

We perform periodic in-line audits at each stage of production starting from greige, during processing, stitching and packing processes. These in-line audits are well documented and prepared on internationally recognized standards in an easy to understand formats with digital images of the findings. These reports are shared with suppliers and discussed with the concerned production & administrative staff at the factories for continual improvement. We also share them with the buyers where they so wish. If we see any problems it is immediately informed to the buyers and we suggest corrective actions required to rectify the problem. Then we follow up with the suppliers to see that corrective actions are being implemented. In case there are any implications on the committed dates or quality of the merchandise due to any such problems, it is highlighted to the buyer as soon as we learn about it.

Final Audits prior to goods getting x-milled

Then we perform our final quality audits. For finished roll stock (FRS) we use 4 point American system, and for made-ups we use AQL 2.5 inspection level II. Also some buyers ask us to use AQL 4.00 where the quality parameters are not very stringent. Again these reports incorporate complete digital images of all the findings. This literally allows the buyer to sit in their office and know the exact status of any shipment prior to its leaving the factory. Majority of our buyers have it mandatory with the factories that a passed TexCraft report must be submitted before the shipments are authorized to move for shipping.

Procedure adopted for FRI’s / RE-FRI’s (Final / RE-Final Random Inspections);

Before giving you the explanation of the procedure of an inspection, please note we need few in-puts from the customer end. First of all we needed the approved & signed color standard of the designs / patterns, then fully packaged signed standard to look at the stitching confection & specs, packing style & packing accessories etc. Apart from these standards, the product specification sheet in writing is also requested from the customer to perform the audits with full information.

(1)        Submission of Audit Request Form:

For any desired audit, the manufacturers submit us the audit request form which is attached herewith this profile. This form includes all the necessary information which an auditor would need at the time of audit. The manufacturers need to submit this form at least 2 to 3 days before the desired audit date.

(2)       Confirmation of Audit:

Upon receipt of audit request form, we compare the information given in the form with the customer’s provided information in our records. If every thing is as per the customer’s requirement then the same audit schedule is confirmed accordingly.

(3)       Execution of Audit:

Since every activity is centralized under the head-office merchandisers & quality managers, the audit plans are forwarded to the Lead Quality Auditors at Lahore, Faisalabad & Karachi offices. The Lead QA’s ensure that the execution of the audits is done as per the provided inputs & submit the reports to the head office through emails & faxes. The audit reports irrespective of the result i.e.  PASS; FAIL or PENDING are duly signed and stamped from the factory concerns.

Generation of Reports in the System:

Upon receipt of the reports & photo records from the QA’s, the reports are then compiled in the final format giving all the information / findings of the audit with the complete photo record of the faults found. Also included is the accessories record & ready shipment quantity. The examples of such report are also attached herewith this profile for ready reference.

Feedback from Customer;

Upon receiving the feedback from the customer, the shipment is either moved in case of PASS result or kept on hold for re-audit in case of FAIL result.