Order Follow-ups

Periodic Quality reviews for various suppliers

We prepare a quarterly (or as specified by the buyer) quality review reports for various suppliers to highlight the performance of each vendor with respect to various attributes. This makes the buyers decision making much easier to make strategic choices. Since every buyer has specific needs therefore format of this report is discussed and finalized with the buyer before we start collecting our data to present it accordingly.

Highlight major problems in a timely manner

Since we have our staff visiting the units on daily basis, in the factories where our orders are placed, conducting in-line audits, this allows us to pick up on problems or any issues very early. As explained above in the in-line section the findings are then shared with the vendors.

Suggest, initiate and implement corrective actions

Again these activities are inter-related as they all start after we have identified problems in our in-line findings. Any corrective actions are only implemented after close consultation with the buyer and the supplier.

Finally we follow up on the corrective action implementation and any implications all this may have on the final committed dates as well as quality outcome.

Besides quality assurance the same team of auditors is well trained to offer Product development & Production Management services.
Product development includes;

i) Act as buyer’s liaison with each supplier in timely developments of lab-dips for solids and strike-offs for prints

ii) Receive all the instructions from the buyer for any development and ensure that they are understood clearly by the suppliers before starting on the developments.

iii) To monitor the development process and work with the suppliers for both solids and prints, in solids be involved in the final selection for samples to be sent out as ready for presentation. Similarly for prints are involved in artwork interpretation, engraving files, engraving screens, table and machine strike execution process.

iv) Strike-off’s approval, if authorized by the buyer

v) Coordinate with the supplier to develop the packaging and sewing supply needs like, inserts, sew in label, bags, cartons, thread, trims, UPC barcodes, carton labels & markings etc.

A technical person looks after this section separately with a very huge experience behind him in production process

Production Management includes;

i) Prepare periodic updated production status sheets. Also monitoring closely that different dead line during production is being met and highlight in a timely fashion to the buyer if suppliers are off schedule.

ii) Ensure that these reports are communicated as agreed to the relevant people in the buyer’s set-up

iii) Suggest, initiate, and implement corrective action for any deadline that has been missed. This is done in a very close loop with the buyer and the supplier for a very clear picture at all times.

The entire above can be explained in further detail in a discussion and also supported by various reports that we currently generate for our buyers in execution of the above tasks.