TexCraft - The Leading Service Provider in textile

TexCraft Solutions (Pvt) Ltd., was set-up keeping in view the market demands of today's Textile World. People are now looking for a one set-up which would provide them with all that they need, be it raw material, yarn, grey or garments or even technical assistance as well as spares & machineries. They do not want a separate house for each requirement that they have. We are the only such set-up in Pakistan, providing you with all services related to woven textile market, under one roof.

TexCraft Solutions was initiated keeping in view the same idea. This Company is run by a group of three professionals with diverse textile backgrounds, by virtue of which the aim is to up-hold the required quality standards of our customers. Our team consists of Ali Imran Iqbal, who's expertise are in the field of processed woven fabric and made-ups; Usman Ghani, who has a vast experience in Yarns, Greige and Denims; and Ahsan Saeed Khan, who is also heading this team, is a Textile Engineer, with over 15 years of experience behind him in weaving.

With this set-up, you can very easily work out the kind of services that we can offer, which at the moment is not commonly found in Pakistan. Not many sourcing offices here have our kind of strong technical back-up services, and this will always be our competitive edge. To keep a tight control over the quality and after sales services, we are only working with a few mills, which are considered the best in their particular fields.

It is important to note that we are not exclusive to any of the suppliers, however we enjoy very close relationships with all, and are free to work, wherever needed. This process of research and fact-finding will be a continuous process and we will keep on adding new people who we will evaluate and find good for any specific job.

Among the normal dealings in Yarn & Fabrics, TexCraft Solutions is also the sole representatives of Jega International, U.S.A, for their Chemicals used in Sizing. Mainly we are marketing the following three products.